Infographic: The Biologos Forum on Earth Age

The Biologos Forum is a Christian website studded with a host of legitimate scientists and theologians who tackle issues of origins. I found them very helpful when I was trying to figure out questions of biological evolution, the age of the earth, etc. Having had such protracted FB discussions yesterday surrounding the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate, I think they are a very good resource for other Christians grappling with questions like the Old Earth, etc. Bill Nye checks out in terms of factuality, by the way, and that’s an understatement. Ken Ham, I am sorry to say, had no real answers for the type of information that Bill presented, nor indeed for the information summarized in this infographic.

To my friends who hustle off to Ham’s Answers in Genesis, I’d like to suggest that you take a two-pronged approach to any science related conundrums. Sure check AIG, but also check out Biologos. Both are Christian sites for those who worry about that, but AIG presents viewpoints from minority-position Christian scientists, while Biologos gives you the mainstream-position Christian scientists.

Biologos Infographic on Earth Age


  1. archaeopteryx1 says:

    When you get a few minutes you never want to see again, pop over and introduce this lady to the website, she needs all of the help she can get, and I don’t have your self-control. When I’m on her site, I find myself wishing I’d never bothered to gnaw through the restraints – you gotta know that’s bad. Rumor has it, she’s President of the Ray Comfort fan club.


  2. I once visited the Biologos website and read up to the point where it explains that flagella did not evolve. All other biological functions were products of evolution EXCEPT flagella. I stopped reading.


  3. It seems they must have a magic component or else it’s not ‘awesome’.


  4. Now we are told that our DNA is partially Neanderthal. Apparently, some myelin genes affecting hair and eyes but also the gene for schizophrenia. In some way, schizophrenia was beneficial to our survival or else this genetic predisposiition would have been deselected. Out of all the genetic material Cro Magnum found useful, schizophrenia was valued above muscle and bone mass. How can they spin this as part of God’s plan?


  5. Well, I foolishly also left a comment. There were no comments on the Evolution is a Fraud page, I guess moderation is only to double check the spelling on those that agree with her and remove those who don’t. I did mention that I hoped that none of her followers were diabetic since the majority of insulin sold here is produced using facts from the evolution that happened. Oops. Sadly, the kind of “faith” that such people have is not religion, it’s a form of mental illness. The fantasies that these people hold onto so tightly are impervious to reality. Tragic in itself, even more tragic because we have a special category for religious fantasies and protect them. This leads to the encouragement of rejecting reality and praise for such a state. Faith is not a good thing, if you don’t know your gods and how they do things, maybe they don’t exist outside of books?


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