Thanks on this Darwin Day

Darwin Day 2016

Happy Darwin Day! A chance for all to remember intellectual courage and scientific brilliance. For me, a chance to remember how evolutionary biology was used to treat Paisley and retrieve her from oblivion, 5 years ago this week. Paisley is perfect today.  Thanks to all the docs, thanks to all the nurses, and thanks to Charles.


[Read more on Paisley’s remarkable story]



  1. Bingo. That’s how you connect the dots.

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  2. Matt & Janelle,

    I read through this again. More tears as I remember what our family was going through at the very same time you were writing this series about Paisley and for what you all went through. ❤

    It was our daughter-in-law, hers was viral but it was all very serious and took some time for a proper diagnosis. She recovered but it was such a terrible time as we waited on the doctors and medical personnel to solve the puzzle. She's now the mommy of two. 🙂

    Again, thanks for this story. Seeing Paisley here warms my heart in every way.

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