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Jericho Brisance began in 2013 as an open letter to friends and family, which became an extended story of my deconversion, the Journey. Later I added another long account of my daughter Paisley’s hospitalization as an infant. As the blog grew, I decided to collect those and future short stories in this section. I hope my personal accounts are a help to others who find themselves in similar situations.


Journey describes my long and arduous investigation into the historical evidence for Judaism and Christianity. As the rabbit hole deepened, my studies ranged across various perspectives in theology, archaeology, textual analysis, history, and apologetics, some ten thousand pages of reading. I came to accept that many of the historical events of the faith likely did not occur, and I ultimately left the Christian faith. (orig. April 2013)

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Paisley’s Story

Our fourth child, Paisley, became infected with bacterial meningitis when she was only twelve old, which is among the most harrowing afflictions a newborn can face. Her hospitalization became a focal center for our church family. Long afterward, what had happened also became an unforeseen catalyst for me in opening my investigation of Christianity. (orig. June 2014)

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Paisley’s song: Flicker


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