Jericho Brisance was always intended as an information source for inquiring minds. Below you will find resources for reading and learning, as well as high quality infographics on a range of topics.


Here you can access the scores of books, websites, and multimedia references used during my Journey out of faith, covering topics of apologetics, archaeology, science, history, and theology.   

(orig. April 2013)

Taking Easter Seriously Infographic

This infographic compares the Easter stories of the four gospels in detail and examines their contradictions with one another and with the historical record. This is the most popular infographic that I’ve published on this site, largely because it was shared by folks like Richard Dawkins and the Friendly Atheist. 

(orig. April 2014)

Book of Acts Infographic

This comprehensive infographic diagrams in exceptional detail the timeline, characters, events, and locations of the Book of Acts. The thumbnail on the left gives a glimpse of the much larger infographic. 

(orig. September 2016)

Christian Apologetics Infographic

There are simple criteria of investigation under which the project of Christian apologetics collapses, as depicted in this diagram. 

(orig. November 2013)

Timeline of NT Books Infographic

This infographic provides a timeline for the dates of the New Testament books compared with one another and with other significant events of the period. The sequence of authorship helps explain the gradual development of Christology and the “historical” claims about Jesus contained in the gospels.

(orig. October 2013)

Comparison of Genesis and ANE Myths

This page provides side-by-side comparisons of various ancient near eastern (ANE) creation myths with the Genesis account. Two tables are used to compare (1) the theological and thematic features and (2) the metaphysical elements included. Much of Genesis was derivative of ideas from larger and older cultures surrounding ancient Israel.

(orig. September 2013)


cas d'intérêt

Reflections of a Francophile

Two Wheels Across Texas

My Quest to ride through all 254 Texas Counties

The Curious Atheist

Freely Seeking Truth After Religion

Class Warfare Blog

I don’t want to start a class war; it started a long time ago and, unfortunately, we are losing.

Secular Wings

My freedom from spiritual abuse happened when I walked away from the abusers. My healing and recovery from the complex trauma of spiritual abusers, spiritually abusive faith and toxic religion happened while I was still a Christian and continues to this day. My deconversion came later after many many years of studying the Bible, Christian apologetics, cults and spiritual abuse. When I realized that the Bible is not the inerrant Word of God, the only honest thing I could do was to stop calling myself a Christian. What I write here, may be very different from what I’ve written in the past. It might also be repeats of the past themes. ~ Zoe

Variant Readings

Thoughts on History, Religion, Archaeology, Papyrology, etc. by Brent Nongbri

Out From Under the Umbrella

playing in the rain

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