Quote from a Former Hero: Augustine

“There is another form of temptation even more fraught with danger… This is the disease of curiosity. It is this which drives us on to try to discover the secrets of nature, those secrets which are beyond our understanding, which can avail us nothing, and which men should not wish to learn.”

~ St. Augustine. Quoted by McGowan, Dale (2011-02-15).

Parenting Beyond Belief (pp. 201-202). Amacom

I cannot but reflect that such repressive attitudes would have kept us in darkness without daybreak. The medicine which saved my daughter would not have been developed without the sustained drive of many minds who divorced themselves from such shackled “thinking”.


  1. And this mentality of being satisfied with…“oh, it must be gods will.”, is so disheartening. Becuase it really discourages the believer from discovering and investigating. And teaches the youth, to be just satisfied with any half-baked answer that supports Christianity.


    • Apologetics… Upscale speak for propagandism.

      I talk a little about our deferral to the ubiquitous ‘mystery’ in the Epilogue. Same idea as what you’re saying about gods will I think.


  2. The full quote is here.

    And it even invades our religion, for we put God to the test when we demand signs and wonders from him, not in the hope of salvation, but simply for the love of the experience.


    • That entire section from Augustine conflates a great many positive and negative things together. Science, investigation, curiosity, sorcery, fascination with the macabre. So very muddled.


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