I appreciate nothing, and a little better than I used to.

eSkeptic: Levels of Nothing 

Stimulating piece, perhaps a little slow to start, but it has a nice second half and finish.


  1. Please gag me with high and mighty nonsense and tell me that I am an idiot. Wait, that was the article.


    • If we are (among other things) to talk about the creation of the world as ex nihilo, it matters if we can actually define what we actually mean by nothingness. As well, if we say that the material realm is not eternal, but the spirit of god is eternal, we are still in pretty deep waters to state what we actually mean. The article was helpful in providing reasons for not speaking flippantly on the topic.


  2. The article was flippant on knowing. Kudos to you for posting my comment.


    • Discussion is good. Nothing profane, I’ll post it. 🙂


      • I can respect that, in the world of the internet where sensitivity is everything. I can also respect that in the real world, where sensitivity is everything. I have been researching your references and the frequency at which you cite certain authors, at the very least you have to do something with Finkelstein. (and Dever) First Finkestein, he is not exactly credible where others, such as Dever “are.” Second, to place F-stein and Dever in the same argument is an offense to both, not that one ought to concern his or herself about offending F-stein since he is, in the world of archeology, more like a drunk seventeen year old looking for a good time in his beat up 84 Camero t-top.

        I’ll post back per blog entry from here on out.


        • LOL, that made me chuckle.

          The problem with Finkelstein is this: Finkelstein and Dever agree on the population surveys concerning Israel. Or at least, Dever will not question Finkelstein on this, and affirms that he is correct. The scary part? Kitchen also affirms Devers population survey, and seems to affirm it. Whatever Finkelstein may say elsewhere, his conclusions regarding the Exodus the population levels of Israel are not contested by anyone I found. If there was an exodus, it was a micro exodus.


        • Oops. Said Dever there and meant F.


  3. Susan Burns says:

    Hi Matt,
    Very interesting! I was lucky not to have the indoctrination as a child. However, I lived and worked in Israel for 3 years and became convinced that the OT must be true (in some way). I have been interested in comparing anthropological concepts to OT stories. There does seem to be a firewall between religion and science so it is very difficult for me to find common ground with either.


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