Rapid Resources Added for the Inquirer

I have added a new sidebar with rapidly-accessible resources for the inquirer (to the left). This sidebar itemizes some quick summary references – YouTube videos and articles – that do not require book-length time investment for those interested.

As I have said elsewhere, I am not a subject matter expert in archaeology or biblical studies, but those scholars are incredibly accessible for the layman.

And realizing that the bibliography page of my blog is (though useful) perhaps not the most accessible map for some of my inquiring friends, this sidebar should help provide an initial starting point.


  1. Sweet! Thanks for taking the time to do it. Gems like this make research a hell of a lot easier 🙂


    • Absolutely. The accessible information available today is amazing.

      I had more than one friend say, “well, I can’t read all those books” with reference to the bibliography. I started thinking about it, and there are distilled versions of everything now, either on YouTube or in article format. Same authors/scholars, but much lower time requirement.

      Its a start.


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