20 Christian Academics Speaking About God (YouTube by J. Pararajasingham)

After the past year’s study, I was astonished to learn what leading Christian thinkers actually believed about the Bible, about explanations of evil, and about cosmic/human origins. It was distressing because I believe many of these views are largely unknown to the common man in the pews. I realized just how lost our intellectual vanguard actually was, and how defeated our claims stood on the battlefield of evidence.

The following YouTube video is a compilation of 20 top Christian academics talking about God, the cosmos, the problem of evil, and other topics. Each interview excerpt is long enough not to be taken out of context, and the assemblage is very interesting. Many of these scholars were recommended to me during the past year, and they are A-listers within the Christian scholarly community. I have read their longer works and watched their lectures and debates on YouTube (N.T. Wright, Alvin Plantinga, William Dembski, John Walton, Alister McGrath, etc.). This video captures the project of textual rehabilitation and doctrinal rehabilitation that I have seen at the bottom of the bookpile, and it does so in about 25 minutes.

It illustrates what I previously wrote in the Moral Pivot:

It was our own scholars, and no one else’s, who taught me to despair.

A must watch. Kudos and thanks to J Pararajasingham. Be sure to check out his other videos on YouTube.




  1. Zoe Bloomer says:

    I found this absolutely exhausting. At the end of each segment one is left with “What?”

    But then, what do I know? 😐


    • Yes, it certainly is exhausting. That was the experience that I had after year of reading books on a range of subjects by the same authors. The excerpts that were shown in the interviews are accurate per the longer works from the same authors. At least that was my opinion. My conclusion was that the biblical texts simply are not a guide to actual answers.

      But I like this video very much, because it allows the various scholars to speak for themselves. It’s much clearer what those at the top of the ivory towers in the respective Christian groups actually believe. It seems to me, in the end, that each presented Christian solution to various problems always requires that we except one tiny little fib somewhere at the bottom of it. If are willing to except just a few splinters of irrationality, we can build a very majestic framework of myth speak.


  2. Thank you very much for this review of my video. Your summary is absolutely spot on.


    • Jonathan:

      No, thank you. And very much so, for making such a nice collection of videos. I have enjoyed every one of them, a priceless cache. Cheers!


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