Says Who? … Baffling Anonymous Bible (1)

Anonymous WriterIn the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

~ Anonymous


  1. This sure doesn’t have the same authority when quoted this way, eh?


  2. Well done! That will be a nice follow-up to this one.


  3. The circular logic pattern created by the line “God (the one and only Lord of the Universe etc) wrote the Bible” tends to make me follow it with the line “Do you happen to know which word processor He prefers?” Silly, I know God wrote the Bible, the Bible says so. Geez, some people!


  4. On a more serious note, I like the effect, I hope it gets picked up and spread around also. Unfortunately, for those who are still totally within the Christian bubble, it won’t make any sense at all, will be seen as just a stupid remark aimed at making war on Christianity. (sigh…) I walked away from all of that many years ago, over 40 now that I stop to count. Having moved into a totally different mind set and been surrounded by similar people since then, to come back and look closely at what is going on in the Christian bubble is scary. Can’t they see how stupid the whole scenario is? why on earth would a real god get his panties in a wad because of the position you f5#k in? Worse, why would someone so bent on how people act and react to each other then go an make simply believing in Him the key to pleasing Him? People act like Paul was a great Apostle and stuff and he never even met Jesus. Oh, it’s the Cargo Cult effect! How could I forget?

    How few seem to come out of the haze. Even with the explosion of meanings for Christianity in the last 600 years or so, those in the bubble stay there. Talk about fantastic marketing!

    I forget how difficult it is for those just now (year or so, geologic time here ) leaving the bubble. It was never that difficult for me, I had always had a hard time comprehending how the Ultimate Creator/Source of All could be male. I could understand an It, but not a He. And then swallow the garbage that somehow being male was better and closer to God than being female. Duh, as I have often said, anyone with eyes can tell that all life comes from the Mother. It is probably a problem that you guys don’t have, but believe me, the other half of humanity does whether they will admit it or not.

    And, of course, it’s even easier to understand a universe without any gods.


    • Wow, 40 years is a good long while. I’m only 35. 🙂

      But no, when we are inside the bubble, we can’t see it at all. And we try not to, any time it creeps into our peripheral.


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