Jericho Pinterest Page

There are so many good infographics and visual memes out there that I’ve decided to start populating a Pinterest page for those interested in following. Though it is sparse at the moment, I suspect it will not take long to snowball into a well-stocked repository.


  1. Sweet – never had a much of a reason or desire to join Pinterest, but now I finally have one.


  2. A couple of virgins here, me included. May your seed spread and flourish.


  3. Charity says:

    Joyce Meyer, V? Yuck, there aren’t enough shovels to muddle through the mess that she preaches. Still, John Bevere has her beat. Nothing like getting an outsider to come into your Church to teach congregants to put all their trust in God and spiritual authority.


    • Charity says:

      Ugh! Was in a hurry when I posted this comment and later realized I put it in the wrong place. Sorry guys.

      Victoria, I can’t wait to read that post! There were several periods of time (while I was a Christian) that I bounced around between Joyce Meyer, T D Jakes and Sid Roth.

      Matt, I really appreciate all that you’ve done here and on other sites as well (The Friendly Atheist and Ex-Christian). The forums/resources that you’ve mentioned here today are fantastic. I still don’t think I’ll get back on Facebook and I have yet to get on Pinterest. However, as a deconvert, I thank you for getting the information out there through various means for agnostics, atheists, deconverts and those considering to leave Christianity.

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      • Charity, my pleasure and duty, as I see it. Thanks so very much.


      • Thanks Charity. Not sure if you saw the quote I was referring to. It’s very disconcerting when adults are told by filthy rich fear evangelical mongers like Meyer, and others you mentioned (there are SO many), that Satan is after their kids. Gotta keep ’em in fear. That keeps the money flowing. She lives in a 10,000 SF mansion, owns a $10 million Canadair CL-600 Challenger jet, vacation homes, drives around in a $100,000 Mercedes Benz S55 AMG, has a $105,000 Crownline boat, etc.

        Praise the Lord and pass the collection plate. Forget that someone starves to death (mostly children) every 5 seconds. 😦 Anyway, sorry for the OT. Seeing that quote by her set me off.


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