Gravity Applies

People like to talk about the power of believing. Mind over matter. Their faith in whatnot. Alternative medicine. Woo-woo of every brand.

As the news of Trump’s coronavirus infection this morning conveys, there are immutables in this world, beyond the reach of human narrative.

Physics reigns. You can be on the wrong side of her. She does not hear our cries, or beliefs, or pleas, or nonsense. Made up stories from history about miracles and faith and the suspension of her laws will not avail you, or me, or anyone else in the here and now. She is no respecter of persons. And the history of plagues reads out clearly that those in high places are treated exactly like everyone else.

Trump has promoted a confusing tapestry of nonsensical and non-scientific narratives and excuses about coronavirus for months. It has been a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Delusion means getting reality wrong.

Gravity applies.


  1. And now he is at Walter Reed, apparently receiving Regeneron and the best medical treatment money can buy. Not hydroxychloroquine.


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