“Strictly Speaking, the Gospels are Anonymous” (w/ YouTube)

CaseForChristAs Anonymous as Genesis

“…strictly speaking, the gospels are anonymous”

~ Craig Blomberg, The Case for Christ

This little boulder of information is so frequently passed over. Evangelicals stamp feet and insist that the gospels are eyewitness records. But these are curious eyewitness records indeed, though a person is unlikely to come away from The Case for Christ understanding the following:

  • The gospels never claim to be eyewitness records.
  • They never narrate in the first person.
  • They were written in the wrong language for Galilean disciples.
  • They recount a great deal that the disciples could not have witnessed.
  • But perhaps most disturbing – and perhaps the first flag we should have noticed – is that they are entirely anonymous.

And that makes the first four books of the New Testament a whole lot like the first five books of the Old Testament: they all have unfounded traditions about who wrote them; they were all written in the wrong language; they were all written in the wrong voice; and they all include information that doesn’t make sense for eyewitnesses. Yet we like to say that they are eyewitness records – because, hey, that sounds reliable.


A few more quotes to flesh out this interesting issue of anonymity: [Read more…]

Says Who? … The Baffling Anonymous Bible (4)

Anonymous Writer…God created man in his own image…



A bit more:

Contrary to tradition, Moses did not write Genesis or the remaining four books of the Pentateuch. And we do not know who did, [Read more…]

Says Who? … The Baffling Anonymous Bible (3)

Anonymous WriterNow faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

~ Anonymous


A bit more:

Hebrews had trouble from the beginning. No one really knows who wrote Hebrews, and in the end it became canonized because people held it dear. Though it was ostensibly written by Paul, [Read more…]

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